Never see Bitcoin below $10K again

This cartoon was inspired by the never-see-bitcoin-below-meme and in particular, a tweet from @hodlnaut:

Maximalist Shower, part I and II

So, today I’ve added the first two prints to the shop. These are from the works “BTC Maximalist Shower” and “Toxic Maximalist Shower”. Signed and numbered, in a limited-edition of 10 inkjet prints with all colored parts in hand painted ecoline. The size is 21 cm x 29,7 cm or 8.3 x 11,7 inches. For each drawing, I made a few burnt prints but more on that later.


Behind the scenes, I’ve been working on this website for quite some time but today is the official launch!

There will be cartoons, limited edition prints, other stuff I’m working on, and of course toxic maximalist propaganda memes of unrivaled dankness!

The Bounce

This meme is starring Belletje. A gentle blind tabby and my favorite cat of all time. She passed away on 05 VII 2019.

White House press briefing

Today, there was a White House press briefing by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on regulatory issues associated with cryptocurrency.
Quote: “As the President has said, Bitcoin is highly volatile and based on thin air.”


I found the next two remakes of the Check Meee meme.

2K daily candle

Here’s to the 1K daily candle on 22 VI 2019 and 2K daily candle on 26 VI 2019!


Today, Facebook unveiled it’s Libra Cryptocurrency. The currency, which is still in the testing phase, is expected to launch in 2020. I drew this silly meme where Mr. Zuckerberg tries to attract the attention from Bitcoin, but Bitcoin doesn’t care. It fits in the Check me, check meee series. I made the first meme of this series, during the big 2017 bull run.