Toxic Maximalist Morning Routine

Because of @giacomozucco‘s presentation ‘Shitcoin Apologism’ today at Baltic Honeybadger ’19, I edited one of the 10 ‘Toxic Maximalist Shower’ prints. It’s a collage now.

Japanese Eye Test

Today, I came across the Japanese Eye Test meme and decided to make two T-shirts designs using the same font. Thus making a T-shirt were you can both express yourself as a bitcoiner and keeping it covered. Of course it’s just a joke.
If you cannot decipher anything, try pulling the corners of your eyes. Keep pulling until they are almost closed.

At 3:00 am


The invisible hand

h/t @drpmoney for making the connection between The Invisible Hand by Adam Smith and this meme.

Bull Run

Meme Burning Protocol

Last week I made a limited edition of 15 signed and numbered prints of the ‘Bitcoin Maximalist Meme’.
I integrated a meme burning mechanise and today, 5 meme prints were destroyed in order to drive up scarcity.

Check the Proof-of-Burn here.